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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a leading global supplier of sealing solutions and offers everything from the versatile elastomer O-Ring to complex multi-faceted PTFE based and polyurethane geometries.

To convey the enormous product and technology diversity of selected industries, R&D and manufacturing in a light, accessible and playful way, we developed a WebGL showroom with dozens of interactive exhibits.

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Marketing and Sales application
WebGL 3d Virtualisation
Interactive product presentation

Platform Windows
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"Machines, tools and accessories need sealing, damping and protecting using a material that is durable, elastic and tough." Trelleborg

For Trelleborg Sealing Solutions it is very important to communicate all the relevant industries and applications in an easy and playful way. Thus a cutting edge and interactive way of having a virtual showroom was needed.


A browser based realtime 3d solution with WebGL provides all the features a virtual showroom should have. Based on CAD, Trelleborg concepts for interactive exhibits and our expertise in realtime 3d, UI and UX we developed the software and created all the available interactions and animations. 

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Client: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Digital agency: Solid White

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