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Present your products virtually where they are really used in the real world - We create your very own virtual showroom for various marketing purposes and trainings and make it accessible to your target groups from anywhere in the world.

All your products in one app, smartly illustrated in 3D instead of complicatedly explained: show product components, processes, interrelationships, dependencies and services - from global scales to the smallest detail. Your virtual 3D solution can be played out on various platforms and devices, without any software development.



Learn more about our virtual 3d-solution for sales, marketing and training:

Use cases - What is the virtual showroom suitable for?

There are no limits to the possible applications for your virtual showroom. Use it, for example, for virtual trade shows, webinars, online employee training, product launches or other live presentations in both the B2B and B2C sectors. Via Teams and similar providers, your users get uncomplicated, fast access in unlimited numbers.

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Sales – Online

Sales – Online

Increase sales and revenue directly: use your virtual showroom to promote online sales by getting customers excited about your product through interactive product presentations, smart features and lively applications. For example, create a "real" virtual sales meeting where the potential dealer or end consumer can get to know your new product or even try it out.

Virtual fairs, exhibitions and events

Present your products at virtual trade shows, exhibitions or other digital events. You can act as an organizer yourself or play along with your showroom at international virtual trade fairs and exhibitions run by other operators. Consult prospective customers about your products and services and look around at competitors in your market. We find creative 3D solutions to increase your product and brand awareness, strengthen your image, attract new customers and build new sales channels.

Virtual fairs, exhibitions and events
Virtual fairs, exhibitions and events

Point of Sale

Virtual shopping experience where your product is sold: Virtually recreate real retail outlets and use them for advertising as well as direct sales. Influence the purchase decision by advising your customer in their familiar environment "on the spot" and letting them examine, configure and try out the product. By integrating online stores, the product can then even be purchased directly.

Online training, education and meetings

Online employee training and meetings: Use virtual meeting rooms and digital features for collaborative learning, brainstorming, continuing education, or meetings with colleagues and business partners. Practical exercises can also be implemented virtually. The fictitious training room sets no limits to the design of online training and meetings.

Online training, education and meetings
Online training, education and meetings

Webinars and livestreams

Online training, presentations and digital events on a larger scale: Organize webinars and livestreams for thousands of attendees at once with one easy access. Easily create multiple showrooms for different purposes.

Creation of your virtual showroom - our service



We get to know you.

Every brand and every project is unique. We listen to you carefully and conceptualize individual communication solutions that fit you 100%. Our experienced design team brings out the maximum for you and the presentation of your products.


Kickstart your development.

Our system solution of apps and CMS is ready from day one and is perfectly adapted to your brand and requirements without you having to deal with software development.


Finetuning dynamic worlds.

Our creative minds love virtualizing real products and worlds. We pay close attention to vivid detail without losing focus, always keeping performance and usability in mind.


Everything under control!

Our service goes far beyond the development and implementation of your app. By the time it is uploaded and automatically distributed to its users, it has undergone extensive testing. But even after the launch, we take care of the smooth functioning and appropriate updates according to your wishes.


Virtual Showroom





Easily find what you're looking for: Content is provided in all desired languages and segmented by category or market. So you have quick access to virtual trade shows and product showrooms and always keep an overview.

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive user interface (UI)


Simple, user-friendly display and control of applications via mouse, keyboard, VR controller, and touch screens.

immersive 3D Content

Immersive 3D content


Your products are vividly and informatively virtualized in 3d. Images, videos or PDF documents can additionally be integrated without any problems and all product advantages are conveyed by means of impressive animations, can be configured and become visible down to the smallest detail.

Advanced Animation Control

Advanced animation control

Navigate through animations and processes in the real-time 3D environment while freely moving, rotating, zooming and adjusting the speed of processes to understand complex content.

Easy Image Creation

Easy image creation

Create your own product images in the app for use in presentations, on websites or print media - in high resolution and for worldwide use.

Video Animations

Video animations


As part of each interactive animation, we will also create a video for you to use in various media such as Youtube or Linkedin.

App Streaming

App streaming


The user gets access to the app via a link and can open it from any device.



With WebGL we make it possible to embed your product in 3D directly on your website.

Are you ready for the virtual transformation?

Are you ready to go smarter? Like many other brands, design your personal virtual brand experience for desktop, mobile or VR headset with us now.


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