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The High Performance Center »Functional Integration in Micro- and Nanoelectronics« was created as a cross-institute platform for the core competencies system design, components & manufacturing technologies, system integration as well as reliability assessment.

This includes the Fraunhofer Institutes IPMS, ENAS, IIS-EAS and IZM-ASSID as well as the universities or colleges TU Dresden, TU Chemnitz and HTW Dresden.

In order to communicate the bundled expertise in a clear, lively, accessible and above all vivid way, Solid White conceptualized, designed and developed a WebGL Exhibition in combination with 3d animation and motion graphic videos.

Experience it for yourself here


Videos, images
"Autopilot" for presentations
Snapshot-function (png, up to 7680x4320)

Platform Windows
Desktop Browser
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Device Desktop

The High Performance Center bundles an enormous number of R&D competences and especially the cross-institutional cooperation and other collaborations create a complex network and interrelationships. Conventional media such as websites and videos reach their limits in communication, so that a new kind of visualization and information transfer was desired.  


Interactive 3d environments and technical exhibits that can be discovered interactively were developed based on WebGL for all common browsers. Solid White developed the concept, design of the 3d and 2d content, animations as well as interactions in concentrated workshops with the performance center and all participating institutes and took over the software development. In addition, for all 11 exhibits, corresponding supplementary 3d animation and motion graphics videos were produced.


Client: Fraunhofer IPMS
Digital agency: Solid White

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