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Augmented reality 3D marketing app

A-Class 3D configurator

Augmented reality & 3D configurator for the new A-Class

The image markers required for the augmented reality marker are not only included in the brochure and on postcards but can also be displayed on screens. The special thing about it: The app recognises whether the marker is horizontal as in the brochure or whether it is oriented vertically as typical on the screen. That way, the 3D model of the A-Class is optimally adapted to the customer’s perspective. The app engages customers by means of an innovative AR 3D experience, leads them along supplementary channels and take them directly to the internet site of Mercedes-Benz Accessories. So far, the app has been rolled out in nine languages worldwide for iOS and Android. MBA Japan has even been provided with a localised version. The app was distinguished for its excellent performance in the marketing and communications field with the 2014 Communicator Award, Gold Award for Excellence. 



Platform iOS
Device Smartphone
Download Google Play Store

For the launch of the A series, Mercedes-Benz established a special brand experience. By order of Polychrom, we designed an augmented reality app with a 3D configurator for MBA. Naturally, the look & feel of the campaign had to be reflected in our app so that all measures presented a complete experience for the customer. 


We utilised the entire power of the mobile end device to create an optimal visual and interactive 3D experience. In addition to the AR function, we also integrated an interactive 3D environment that was independent of that. By linking social media and the YouTube presence of MBA as well as the PDF brochures, the app is perfectly embedded in the campaign.   


Customer: Mercedes-Benz Accessories / Polychrom
Digital agency: Solid White

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