Interactive 3D exhibit with Kinect sensor

getting together. Interactive Experience

Interactive Kinect installation by order of Wire Süden for Daimler

The installation was part of Daimler’s presence at the re:publica and motivated an international audience to “get together”. Through moving either simultaneously, together, subsequently or even just on their own they created image landscapes which were then shared on flickr.


Kinect 2
Volumetric 3D
3 simultaneous users
Flickr upload

Platform Windows
Device Desktop

Wire Süden commissioned us to develop a Kinect-based installation for the re:publica, which would visualise the topic of mobility and the fusion of diverse means of motion and transport. The installation was meant to simultaneously stimulate discussion and people coming together. 


Using an experimental method, based on Kinect 2 and Unity an installation emerged that appeared to be equally organic as well as technical and that translated the user’s movement into colours and shapes. It was important to us that each moment the user’s produced was unique. Each interaction with the body, head and limbs generated unique and distinctly liquid, three-dimensional bodies which then connected to those of other users to form landscapes of colours and shapes.


Customer: Daimler
Advertising agency: Wire
Digital agency: Solid White

  • Daimler Galerie 1
  • Daimler Galerie 2
  • Daimler Galerie 3
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