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Marketing and sales Web App - based on our VISHOW web services

ENRX is a global green tech company whose mission is to accelerate the journey to a sustainable future. ENRX helps companies achieve their productivity and sustainability goals.

The virtual showroom supports marketing and sales in communicating complex products, reduces transportation and travel costs in diverse situations, and thus also supports productivity and sustainability goals.

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Marketing and sales application
WebGL 3d virtualization
Interactive product presentation
CMS (administration of users, texts, media)
Public Marketing Area
Access-protected sales area
Videos, images, PDF integrated

Platform Windows
Desktop Browser
Mobile Browser
Device Desktop

ENRX supports companies in achieving their productivity and sustainability goals. How can these goals also be optimally achieved in the area of marketing, sales and training? By reducing transportation costs for machines and products and by reducing travel costs for customers and employees.


Based on the solution "VISHOW web" developed by SOLID WHITE, a virtual showroom with interactively experienceable machines and products was developed.

Thanks to the integrated CMS, ENRX is able to manage users itself at any time, maintain languages and texts, and keep videos, images and PDFs up-to-date. In the public version, the showroom is available to all visitors and offers registered users such as sales and customers a significantly expanded range of functions and an exclusive experience.

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Client: ENRX Group AS
Digital agency: Solid White

  • ENRX Galerie 1
  • ENRX Galerie 2
  • ENRX Galerie 3
  • ENRX Galerie 4
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