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E-T-A products protect. Whether mechanical or electronic, component or system, standardized or customized: As the world market leader, E-T-A offers the complete technological range in overcurrent protection, power distribution and relays.

E-T-A specialists and customers experience E-T-A technology in action together - without much effort, directly from your office.

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Marketing and sales application
WebGL 3d virtualization
Interactive product presentation
Videos, images, PDF integrated

Platform Windows
Desktop Browser
Mobile Browser
Device Desktop

How can future requirements for digitalization, automation and electrification be illustrated in a lively and understandable way and how can E-T-A communicate solutions to intelligent power distribution, condition monitoring and high-voltage applications with pinpoint accuracy? Appointments and discussions should be efficient for the E-T-A team and easy and convenient for customers.


Based on the solution "VISHOW web" developed by SOLID WHITE, a virtual showroom with industries, business areas, solutions and products was developed.

Using various interactions and the interactive 3d product visualization, E-T-A communicates its solutions for intelligent power distribution, condition monitoring and high-voltage applications.

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Client: E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH
Digital agency: Solid White

E-T-A Galerie 1
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