Pharma and Diagnostics
Virtual Training with WebGL

Interactive WebGL GMP Training - pharma and diagnostics

For an international company in the field of pharma and diagnostics we implemented the in-house trade fair as an interactive virtual trade fair. This was used as part of the annual GMP training.

In addition to various 3d-virtualized interactive training content for the Cornerstone Learning Management System in SCORM format, information and videos were integrated into the interactive experience.


SCORM support
interactive 3d environment

Platform Windows
Desktop Browser
Device Desktop

How can an annual GMP training and trade fair be implemented as effectively and appealingly as possible if it is not possible on site?


The content of the trade show and training was created and developed in 3d based on WebGL. The results were then integrated into the Cornerstone Learning Management System.


Client: Pharma and Diagnostics
Digital agency: Solid White

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