Interactive 3D exhibit and 3D marketing app

Wago - World of Solutions

Interactive 3D brand experience for products and solutions

At the HANNOVER MESSE 2017, the app introduced visitors for the first time to the extensive portfolio of tailor-made, complete solutions. The vibrant 3D world is split into eight sector islands, which the users can dive into using touch or pinch movements. Diverse infotainment interactions, products and solutions with extensive information then await the users within the individual sectors.


Eight 3D sector worlds
Diverse interactions

Platform Windows
Device Desktop

The WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG ranks as one of the world’s leading providers of electrical connections and automation technology. To communicate the complete solutions as simply and comprehensibly as possible to interested parties and target groups, the decision was made for an app that is entertaining, communicates effectively and is brilliant on trade fairs as well as in operation.


The navigation of the 3D world and sectors was designed to be as intuitive, seamless and multi-faceted as possible. Since the trade fair visitors needed to be able to get their bearings right away, it is possible to move through the world in lots of ways by using touch and pinch motions as well as the graphical user interface. All interaction options are striking or are briefly explained using texts and images.


Customer: WAGO
Digital agency: Solid White

  • Wago Galerie 1
  • Wago Galerie 2
  • Wago Galerie 3
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