Virtual reality brand experience

Virtual Design Center - VR

Virtual headquarter for dormakaba

The dormakaba "Virtual Design Center" had its premiere at the Security Essen 2016. Users had the opportunity to dive into the world of VR in two so-called Cubes, which offered a protected yet publicity-effective setting. The HTC Vive and their controllers were used. We and especially dormakaba were very happy about the plentiful positive feedback. The interplay of emotional/immersive brand experience and the communication of the product and system solutions portfolio were especially praised.


Realistic environment
Diverse interactions
Sound experience
Emotional brand experience

Platform Windows
Device Desktop
VR Headset

At the Security Essen 2016 trade fair, dormakaba presented its new brand and shared portfolio for the first time: comprehensive, innovative products, solutions and services for access management for diverse requirements, industries and company sizes. The goal was to consistently evolve the interactive brand experience into an immersive virtual reality application and to set new standards in the industry.


Following intensive workshops with dormakaba, the idea of a Virtual Design Center (VDC) emerged. The VDC presents a kind of shared headquarters - fitting the current merge of dorma and kaba - through which the visitors are led on a floating glass platform. By means of spectacular architecture and breath-taking landscape, a place is created that offers an unforgettable experience. Following a long search for the right location, we discovered the solution in the Italian Alps. A small team set out to virtualise the mountain lake including the surroundings using photogrammetry. Cooperating with architects, a believable building design was developed which was then integrated into the landscape.


Customer: dormakaba
Digital agency: Solid White

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