Max Bögl Wind AG
3D configurator and brand experience

Max Bögl Hybrid Tower configurator

Configuration, planning and simulation of Max Bögl hybrid towers

The hybrid tower configurator developed by Solid White for Max Bögl Wind AG supports planning, training and consulting. It is an important part of digital transformation.

Customers are able to load the map with elevation data in a 3d realtime environment by choosing the city or coordinates of their project area. With preconfigured or customized hybrid towers they then build their project. This is used for further steps in the project. 

Everything is saved in the cloud and shareable with other users.   


Maps with elevation data in 3d realtime
3d realtime configuration
3d realtime configuration of projects
Solid White Cloud-Service

Platform Windows
Device Desktop

The Max Bögl Group is a world-known company. Since its foundation in 1929, the company's history has been characterised by innovative strength in research and technology - from tailor-made individual solutions to high-quality, sustainable overall solutions in construction technology and ecology.

Max Bögl needed an innovative tool to support the first steps in a new project, consulting by Max Bögl and the communication of features. 


The heart of the tool is a 3d realtime configurator of hybrid towers and whole projects. Account management, saving in the cloud and sharing is all supported by the Solid White cloud service so further development will be fast and effective. 


Kunde: Max Bögl Wind AG
Digital agency: Solid White

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