WebGL 3D configurator

HEAD Adaptive

Interactive 3D brand experience for newly adapted rackets by Head

By order of the advertisement agency Panama, we developed a WebGL-based 3D configurator for the international sporting goods manufacturer Head, which was seamlessly integrated into the adaptive micro-page that had been designed and implemented by Panama.  


Realistic appearance of the rackets



Platform Desktop Browser
Mobile Browser
Device Desktop

While Head has always enjoyed an excellent reputation in the field of tennis rackets, the new adaptive concept is a further huge innovative jump and allows more complex balancing and tuning options. Even seemingly minimal changes to the handle length lead to different properties. In order to make these correlations comprehensible for our users and to foster the fun of configuring, nothing lends itself as optimally as 3D visualisation in real time. 


Based on CAD data and the actual print sample for the racket colouring and patterns, realistically appearing 3D rackets could be created. While doing so, the level of detail for all elements had to be balanced with loading times and the device performance. The configuration processes are easy to understand for the user at that, while the animations in between are not too long and have no demands as to the technical accuracy of details.  


Customer: Head
Advertising agency: Panama
Digital agency: Solid White

Head Galerie 1
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